What are Clear Aligners?

Clear Aligners are a modern way to enhance your smile. Traditionally, people needed conventional, metal braces to correct their teeth. However, the cosmetic dental experts at MODmouth in New Jersey are pleased to offer a modern solution that is easier, more comfortable and affordable: Clear Aligners.

The magic of Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are removable aligners that are highly effective to correct mild to moderate dental challenges like an overbite, crooked teeth, crowded teeth or to fill the gaps between teeth. Clear Aligners are virtually invisible because they are designed with a transparent, lightweight material. This makes it a discrete solution for a self-conscious teenager and an easier choice at an older age as well.

A comfortable way to transform your smile

Clear Aligners can be taken out and that provides great advantages. For example, it is possible to enjoy food without the worry of braces. In addition, dental hygiene like brushing and flossing is much easier and no metal brackets or wires can hurt or break in your mouth. Clear Aligners are an easier and more comfortable way to transform your smile compared to traditional braces.

A radiant smile in 6 steps

Step 1: Smile Consultation
The journey towards a great smile starts with a consultation at one of our MODmouth Stores in Mahwah, Paramus or Hoboken. A MODmouth professional will analyze your dentures and evaluate if you are a candidate for Clear Aligners. You can also choose a complete Smile Makeover combining Clear Aligners with a whitening treatment.

Step 2: Smile Scan
To accurately capture the current status of your smile, a 3D scan will be made by an expert MODmouth dentist. It only takes 10 minutes to get an accurate view of your teeth. Our imaging technology helps us envision how your smile will transform. This will give you a crystal clear idea what your future smile will look like.

Step 3: Smile Design Plan
Based on the accurate 3D image of your teeth our MODmouth professional can make a tailored treatment plan. This will involve your personal wishes and aesthetic goals regarding the smile of your dreams.

Step 4: Your personal Clear Aligners
Your Clear Aligners will be designed with laser precision to fit your teeth and gums. The Clear Aligners are formulated to improve your smile in stages. Every smile stage of 1-2 weeks will require a new Clear Aligner.

Step 5: Care for your Smile Progress
Our MODmouth specialists will monitor your process carefully. We will advise you to make an appointment to check up on your smile progress every 6-8 weeks at one of our MODmouth Stores in Mahwah, Paramus or Hoboken.

Step 6: Your beautiful smile
Clear Aligners ensure faster results than conventional braces. Because the aligners are so clear this process is visible from the start. Most of our clients only need to wear their Clear Aligners during a period of 8-12 months. It has never been easier to get a a beautiful smile.

The unique power of MODmouth Clear Aligners

Our expert MODmouth team is committed to creating beautiful, healthy smiles for life. This is why we only work with trained professionals, providing you with the best care. Furthermore, we only work with the latest technology ensuring you get the most efficient and comfortable care possible. Our MODmouth aligners are clear, comfortable, designed with precision and extra affordable. We believe everyone deserves a beautiful smile.

MODmouth Clear Aligners

  • Clear
  • Comfortable
  • Designed with precision
  • Extra affordable

Curious what MODmouth can do for you?

Our MODmouth stores are located in Paramus (in the Garden State Plaza Mall), Hoboken and Mahwah, New Jersey. As smile experts, we are committed to transforming your smile. For more information regarding if you are a candidate for Clear Aligners, book your visit online. Our dental experts are happy to meet with you personally at one of our stores and give you professional smile advice.

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