Teeth Whitening Safety

Teeth discoloration is a natural process. In general, your teeth become more yellow over time, in spite of all your oral hygiene efforts. Teeth whitening is an excellent solution to regain your sparkling smile, but make sure to choose a safe teeth whitening method. Visit our MODmouth smile experts at one of our New Jersey locations in Mahwah, Hoboken, or at the Garden State Mall in Paramus. Our dental professionals can answer all your questions.

Make sure you are a candidate for teeth whitening

The first step towards safe teeth whitening is to consult an experienced professional. A professional dental techinician or experienced dentist should examine your teeth first to provide you with clear and honest advice. There are cases in which a person may not be a good candidate for teeth whitening. In cases of sensitive teeth, tooth erosion, gum recession, cavities, certain fillings or crowns or if you are pregnant or underage, a professional may recommend you refrain from whitening your teeth. Teeth whitening may cause damage, sensitivity or pain in such cases. However, when you have healthy teeth and you choose a professional to perform teeth whitening, like our expert team at MODmouth, teeth whitening is a safe procedure with radiant results.

Choose a safe teeth whitening method

It is understandable that teeth whitening has become more popular over the years. A radiant smile is attractive and looks healthy. There are a lot of whitening programs on the market, but they are not all as effective or safe to use. Whitening strips for example can leave you with uneven results. In addition, when highly concentrated whitening gels are not applied correctly they may cause harm.

Teeth whitening is completely safe when done correctly. You want to make sure that the method that you are using gives even, beautiful results, but does not harm your tooth enamel, burn your gums, cause you pain or damage your teeth permanently. When you choose a professional whitening expert like MODmouth, you should not have to worry about any of these concerns. At MODmouth we make sure that teeth whitening safety comes first, and we believe it should be easy. Our experts use high-quality products and professional techniques to brighten your smile.

MODmouth Teeth Whitening is safe and effective

At MODmouth we only work with dental professionals that know what they are doing and are commited to proving clients the best smile results. During a whitening treatment our dental expert will carefully apply the whitening gel to your teeth. The MODmouth whitening gel has exfoliating properties that safely remove stains on the outer enamel to give your teeth an even shine. The bleach within the gel will penetrate into the tissue inside your teeth. There it will lift and brighten the yellow color that puts a shade over your smile.

At MODmouth your smile is in professional hands. Our whitening gel is gentle and will cause no discomfort, no sensitivity and no harm to your enamel. You can relax while we unveil your sparkling smile effortlessly during a relaxing treatment. Just visit our Brilliant Bar in Mahwah, Hoboken or Paramus and find out for yourself.

Curious about Safe Teeth Whitening at MODmouth?

As professional smile experts, we are committed to enhancing your smile in a safe and easy way. If you want to know if you are a candidate for teeth whitening, just book your visit online. Our smile experts are happy to examine your teeth, explain how safe teeth whitening works and give personal whitening advice that meets your needs. Come visit our MODmouth Store in Mahwah, Hoboken or the Garden State Mall in Paramus and rediscover that sparkle in your smile.

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