Retainer Instructions

Author: Dr Steven Davidowitz
Date: August 25, 2018

Congratulations you are now finished with your MOD Mouth treatment!

In order to retain your beautiful smile please follow the instructions bellow:


Once you have completed your treatment you will now switch to your final retainers.

For the first 2 weeks, wear your retainers full time – 22 hours a day (the same amount of hours you wear your aligners).

Only after the first 2 weeks begin to wean yourself off of “daytime wear” by reducing your wear time 2-3 hours per week.

For example:

  • Week 1 – 22 hours a day
  • Week 2 – 22 hours a day
  • Week 3 – 20 hours a day
  • Week 4 – 18 hours a day
  • Week 5 – 16 hours a day

MOD Mouth TIP:

When you begin to reduce hours on week 3, eat your breakfast, and then wait 2 hours to place your retainers back in. When you get to week 4, wait 4 hours after breakfast and place your retainers in.

Week after week, you follow this process till you get down to “nighttime wear” only. This consists of 8-10 hours. (If you sleep for less than 8-10 hours, wear your retainer for additional time during the day.)

This entire process takes 2-3 months

If the retainers ever feel tight, add hours back into the current wear time. Tight retainers can sometimes signal potential shifting. This is a great way to self-gauge if the process is successful in keeping your teeth in orthodontic alignment

Keep in mind retainers are for life, teeth will always want to move.

New retainers are available for our clients for purchase for $100 each arch. Please let us know if you would like to purchase an additional set of retainers.

As always, we would love to see your before and after photos.

Please email them to Thanks!


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