The only clear aligner company

For Dentists,
By Dentists.

The ONLY clear aligner company

For Dentists,
By Dentists.

We’ve created MOD Mouth for you because we are you. We have decades of experience in this space, just like many of you, and we’ve had to endure years of selling clear aligners on THEIR terms, dealing with unfriendly and expensive fee structures, outdated business models, and little control. What if we flipped the traditional dental provider / clear aligner company relationship on its head? What if we had a “Provider First” mentality? What if we put your success in front of ours?

We believe that the growth of your practice is a more noble goal than just being the best at selling aligners. We believe that the latter is a natural byproduct of the former. With MOD Mouth there are multiple ways to grow your practice, in both revenue and new patients. Truly unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Our unique and collaborative model provides multiple patient acquisition channels, multiple ways to grow your revenue, and a holistic approach to dental practice growth.

MOD Mouth Clear Aligners

Unique Clear Aligners

Clearest and most comfortable aligners made from medical grade, FDA approved material that is virtually invisible.

Innovative Technology

Latest technology and dental research to provide the best fitting and most comfortable clear aligners.

MOD Mouth Founders

Dr. Gary Davidowitz, D.D.S.

Chief Operating Officer

  • 44 years in general practice.
  • Former Professor and Clinic Chief N.Y.U. College of Dentistry.
  • Expert in dental plastics.

Dr. Steven Davidowitz, D.D.S

Chief Dental Officer

  • Luxury Dentistry NYC.
  • Author of Power of Transformation and Smile!
  • Host of Your Best Self TV.

Gary Davidowitz and Steven Davidowitz, have over 55 years of combined experience as general dentists and as experts in cosmetic dentistry. They developed MOD Mouth over a period of years and thousands of cases to create a clear aligner program tailored to the general dentist.

Frequently Asked Questions

The first difference that is most glaring is cost. Our fees are significantly lower than the competition, and things like revisions, refinements (one is included free with each case), and replacements are also lower than our competitors. Our fee schedule is simple and transparent.

Another difference is the ease of submission. You can have our dentists and ortho lab technicians create an ideal and predictable treatment plan with a few clicks of the mouse or you can take more control with our optional more detailed RX.

To submit and view our treatment plans our dentists do not need to install any specialized software that bogs down the PC. Our treatment setups are all cloud-based and should work in current versions of Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox for Windows, Mac, Android, and IOS.

There are other minor differences that make a tremendous difference to the dentist, such as our simplified IPR schedule. We recommend IPR in increments of 0.1 and 0.15.  This allows the dentist to only stock the necessary IPR instruments for these measurements and simplifies the procedure for both the dentist and patient alike.  In addition, our dentist concierge service is like no other, staffed with dental professionals to help the dentist and office with any and all clinical needs.

You will also notice a difference in attitude between us and our competitors. We were founded by dentists for dentists. Because of this simple point we are always mindful that we’re here to serve you, the dentist, and your practice, above ourselves and NOT the other way around. We believe in a “provider first” mentality. We do not evaluate our dentists based on aligner quotas. We treat each office as a colleague, friend, and partner whether they complete one aligner case a month or if they complete hundreds of cases a month.

In addition, our unique and collaborative model at MOD Mouth provides multiple ways to grow your revenue, and a holistic approach to dental practice growth.


No, MOD Mouth is a robust system of clear aligner therapy that uses the most modern digital technologies and AI to design and treatment plan an assorted mix of malocclusion, ranging from simple crowding and spacing to moderate and severe cases.  Depending on the knowledge and expertise of the dentist, they can pick and choose the cases they would like to treat with MOD Mouth clear aligners and refer more complex orthodontic cases to their local orthodontist.   All classes of occlusion can potentially be improved with MOD Mouth clear aligners, although we can never guarantee a perfect outcome. You can, of course, determine whether MOD Mouth clear aligner treatment is recommended for your patient by evaluating the overall treatment goal, the types of movements involved, and the condition of the existing dentition and periodontal health.  Your dedicated MOD Mouth concierge can help if you need assistance in patient case selection that is right for your office.


We truly believe that the fit, engagement, and clarity of our plastic is above our competitors. Aside from the attachments that are commonly recommended, people will hardly notice that your patients are wearing our clear aligners. 

We also know that our clear aligners are amongst the most comfortable in the market. We recommend a one-to-two-week wear time per step dependent on complications of movement. Changing trays too quickly can result in more discomfort and a loss of tracking.

No. As a MOD Mouth provider, you’re free to use any product or service from any lab you wish. As dentists, we know the importance of autonomy as a practitioner. We encourage you to use any and all systems and products that you feel are right for you and your individual patient’s needs.

MOD Mouth is available for all licensed dentists in the United States and its territories and will soon be expanding into other countries around the globe. We have been featured on news segments and in print articles around the country to help promote awareness and drive growth and new patients into our provider practices.


At this time, MOD Mouth only accepts digital impressions as STL Files from any open source digital scanner on the market.  We have found digital impressions to be the gold standard for proper clear aligner fit, tracking and successful outcomes.  Feel free to contact your concierge for help with uploading your digital scans onto the MOD Mouth Doctor Portal.   

If you do not have a digital scanner at your office, please contact us today to learn about our Complimentary Digital Scanner Loaner Program!


A MOD Mouth treatment setup contains a personalized 3D free moving model for each step of your patient’s treatment. It will provide the number of steps and where attachments are located.  It will allow the dentist to separate the arches into upper, lower, and in occlusion, as well as to superimpose initial setup versus each step of treatment. The treatment plan can easily be sent to your patients by clicking the “get shareable link” tab in the portal. Please note: A separate PDF link will show the amount of IPR that will be required (if necessary).

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