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Expert smile makers in New Jersey

MOD Mouth is a family story of two successful professional dentists who decided to approach smiles in a different way. Dedicated to sharing the joy of a beautiful smile, they discovered a way to help more people smile with confidence.

After years of working together in their successful practices in Brooklyn and Manhattan, father and son doctors Gary and Steven Davidowitz noticed that many people felt reluctant to visit the dentist. While numerous patients asked about teeth straightening and whitening, only a small portion decided to go through with the procedure. In order to help more people achieve the smile of their dreams, they needed to come up with a new approach.

MOD Mouth smile experience

After many years of research, and combining their experience and vision on smiles, MOD Mouth was born. Drs. Gary and Steven Davidowitz introduced an exciting and uplifting experience to enhance a smile in a comfortable, affordable and caring way. It is easy to pop by one of the stores in New Jersey and get expert advice that makes you fall in love with your own smile. With several stores located in Hoboken, Mahwah and Paramus (New Jersey) you can visit the MOD Mouth store most convenient to you to get your personal smile advice.

MOD Mouth provides complete dedication to smile makeovers. An easy combination of straightening and whitening provides the best results in a short amount of time. All solutions are formulated to be as comfortable, discrete and easy as possible. It usually takes no more than 6 months to create the smile of your dreams.

At MOD Mouth we believe a SMILE should be:

  • Clear
    We believe in clarity, a clear approach, clear products and clear services.
    Your smile deserves to be clear so you can shine brightly.
  • Comfortable
    We believe in comfort. You can relax while we transform your smile.
    Getting a radiant smile has never been more comfortable.
  • Competent
    We are top-rated aesthetic dentists and expert smile makers.
    Rest assured, your smile is in good hands.
  • Complete
    We see the big picture. We are dedicated to enhance, shape, position and brighten.
    Get ready for a complete smile makeover.
  • Caring
    We care. About you, your experience in our store, and your smile results.
    We’d love to take care of you and your smile.
  • Cost-effective
    All our solutions are affordable. We believe everyone deserves a happy smile.
    There is always a cost-effective solution that works for your smile.
  • Confident
    We believe that confidence is the foundation of a good and successful life.
    Your confident smile is waiting for you.

Our stories are told in smiles

A smile is worth more than a thousand words. Who can tell our story better? Listen to our customers and see what they have to say about our expertise, about their experience at MOD Mouth Store in Hoboken, Mahwah or Paramus, and the results they have achieved.

Curious what MOD Mouth can do for you?

Dr. Gary Davidowitz, Dr. Steven Davidowitz and the professional MOD Mouth team are committed to creating beautiful, healthy smiles for life. Our MOD Mouth stores are situated in Hoboken, Mahwah, and Paramus, New Jersey. As dental specialists, we are committed to transforming your smile. If you want to know what we can do for you, just book your visit online. We are happy to meet with you personally at one of our New Jersey stores and make you smile brightly again.

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